RoToR Racing


When we discovered that it was the thirtieth season of racing our "home made" cars there was only one choice as to what to do in 2013. The Clans and Imp were put out of our thoughts and the Rotor JT7 that John Kyle owns was put back into service. We put a set of race numbers on it and entered the first sprint of the year at Kames. The car was good but the same could not be said for the driver or, for that matter, the weather. It was rather damp and miserable but that did not stop the team having a good day out. The next outing was at Doune where the hillclimb course provided another challenge. Again the weather was poor but everything went to plan and another good day was had by all those who attended. A two day meeting then followed at Kames. Day one was perhaps the most miserable day of motorsport we have ever had in our thirty years together as a team. The weather was horrendous, it threw everything at us and it seemed to get worse and worse each time the car went on track. Mid afternoon it caught everyone out when a gale turned up and blew all the awnings away. By Sunday morning this summer gale had fizzled out and the place started to dry out. It took most of the morning before the track was really dry. The car and driver got better with each run and we finished with a flurry and were best road registered car which meant we finished on a high on a strange weekend.



Our second trip to Doune started to show up the limitations of the car. It has no LSD nor for that matter super soft tyres and this compromised the performance quite a bit. As Graham got the hang of the hill it became more and more obvious that there was much we could do to the car to make it faster. As a start we changed the ratios in the box in an effort to increase the acceleration times but this just led to more wheel spin.  Much could be done but the team felt that there was no point in destroying the road car along the way so we decided to keep the car as it was and concentrate on the other Rotors in our stable. Work began on a JT7 chassis that was in the workshop to turn it into a sprint/hilclimb car. We hoped to get it finished for use in the last few events of the season but our priorities changed when we discovered that we might be able to return to the S2000 arena.

The S2000 club have had reduced numbers this year and as a result had combined the Pinto and Duratec classes at most events. Graham was never keen on this due to the speed difference in the cars so had no enthusiasm for those types of races. However the team discovered that the club were running three stand alone Pinto races and by chance the dates fitted in to the schedule. Two races were at Donington and the final race was at Brands Hatch.  The team had already discovered a way round the new bodywork regulations but it would mean fabricating new front suspension.  This was undertaken and the revised car was taken to Donington untested.