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News Report

VW golf Rally Car at Ingliston.

The Golf engine has been rebuilt and is back in the car. We are considering our options for this year but recent changes to the Scottish Rally Championship seeding, on some of the rounds, where over 2000cc cars run last, after the 4wd cars, is putting us off returning to the forests. Running through the ruts is not fun so it looks like the SRC we will lose another customer. Alan Maxwell is thinking about changing seats and is considering doing a few tarmac events as a driver so there is a chance the car might be seen on some SV events.

F303/4 Dallara

The project for this year should have been running a car in the National class of the British F3 Championship. This would have been a huge step for the Rotor team but I felt that the results achieved last season with David Brown merited a try. It is a very difficult formula with lots of serious players involved but I did my homework, formed relationships with people running in the series and set about trying to get the infrastructure in place. I laid out a plan that made sense to me and was realistic in its approach and showed it to all that might be involved. Raising the finance seemed the major obstacle but John Kyle backed the project to the hilt and put in place enough finance to get us started and I set out on finding a suitable car. I did a deal with Performance Racing to purchase a F303/4 Dallara and took a lease with Neil Brown Engineering who supplied the National class engine. As part of the deal Performance organised a test at Rockingham where David drove. Young Mr Brown did well in his first run in an F3 car and we headed for home delighted at the prospect of a season in F3. After we got home I set about making all the equipment required to run an F3 car. F3 requires a huge investment in time and money but I did a huge amount of work to make things happen and everything looked sorted to take David Brown into F3 this year. I have to say that it was a dream come true but it soon turned into a nightmare for us when others did not do as requested and at the turn of the year, despite my best efforts, backing for David was withdrawn. The saddest part is that David has lost out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Perhaps I will be proved wrong but I doubt he will get another chance like this.

F303/4 Dallara - Cockpit

F303/4 Dallara - Engine

For 4 months the workshop has been buzzing as I made lots of equipment for our new project. I started by making a cover for our trailer. Building it in house was the cheapest option and it did not take long to knock together. It consists of a steel frame with an alloy sheet cover, and will certainly keep the car out of the elements and is ideal for shuttling the car about. I should have gone for a glass fibre roof to let in light and to cut down on condensation but it is always easy to be wise after the event.

F3 Trailer with new cover.

I have also been making lots of stands, each built to do a particular job. Another item that we needed is a piece of equipment capable of raising the car 500mm in a straight lift, so I have designed and built an air-powered contraption that will do the job. There are similar things on the market but by building it ourselves we have saved 2500. Doing it this way rather than picking up the phone and using the plastic is much more fun.

After the false start with the "Broons" I found myself with a car and engine deal but no driver. It was decided that we would sell the project on but fate played its part because when I went on the net to place an ad, I discovered a driver whom we had raced against in 2006, was looking for an F3 car. Negotiations went well and it looked as if we had a deal. So confident was I that a truck was purchased and we started to kit it out for our needs. The tail lift was the first item to receive attention and it works well. Alas as the closing date for the series approached our new driver discovered that the series was oversubscribed, took cold feet and withdrew. The love affair with F3 is over and the car has been sold to DoubleR.
Truck with Tail lift.