RoToR Racing

Rotor Racing Cars - JT 3

FF1600. Radical space frame design with alloy footbox
Dolphin shaped bodywork with rear radiator mounted above transaxle
10 in spacer incorporating oiltank between engine and tranaxle.
Longest layshaft ever manufactured by Hewland Engineering
Push rod front suspension using offset rockers.
Rocker rear suspension.
Built early 1985 using Minister engine.
Raced by Stuart Roden
Sold to Kenny Brown winter1985
Front runner junior races 3 wins.
1989 Sold to Grainger & David Robertson
Used in Sprints Many awards
Used Stewart Robertson 1996 to win classs in 1996 speed championship.
Still in use 2001 winning FF1600 class in sprints.

Rotor JT 3 at Knockhill (1985)

JT 3 Suspension