RoToR Racing

Rotor Racing Cars - JT 7

Minimalist sportscar as per Lotus seven.
Mid engined racing car for the road.
Designed and most parts built 1995/97.
Basis for Mk2 Rotor Motive Ltd .
Prototype built using Ford 2 litre 16 valve RS2000 engine, Hewland transaxle.
Assembled 1999 tested and developed summer 1999.
Road car built winter 1999 for J Kyle.
2300cc road legal SVA approved
Registered Jan 2000 as R8TOR. 
Race car built 1999; Conversion of prototype with carbon body work, strenghtened chassis and uprated dry sumped engine. 550 Kg 200 bhp.
JT-7 is beening re-built

Graham Millar Tests Rotor 7 at Kames (2000)

Graham Millar adds final touches to JT 7 (1999)

Ian Brown at the wheel of Rotor JT7, Graham Millar and Robert Maxwell behind (1999)

Rotor JT 7 Launch (1999)