RoToR Racing

History - Early Days

In 1962 Graham Millar was passionate about stock cars. His uncle Gavin raced under the Eaglesham Motors banner, and had a tartan painted stock car with Grahamís name on one side and brother Stuartís name on the other side. An 8 year old Graham used to hang about Eaglesham Motors any time he was staying at his Granny's house.

"Bogies" and Karts

After becoming smitten by all things mechanical, Graham started building " Bogies" using wood and pram wheels. These creations were used in the local park where he raced down the hills. Fed up dragging the "Bogie" up the hill Graham embarked on a project to build a kart.

Fate intervened as a near neighbour took up the sport. Andrew Lyall had a new friend in Graham, and everywhere Andrew raced Graham went too. Andy was kind enough to give Graham a try out in his kart. There was only one passion for Graham now, to get behind the wheel. When he was 17 he managed to buy a kart but was ripped off and the promised engine never appeared. Luckily, brother Stuart raided his piggy bank and gave Graham the money to get another engine. After a few tests Graham was on the pace but before his first race meeting the engine blew and that was that.

Driving School

Graham enrolled in the JRRDS and did the full course. He then took part in the school races. Graham did three races finishing 3rd, 2nd and then 1st. Race school manager, John Kilpatrick, suggested that to go further he should buy his own car. Sadly funds were not available to do this for a few years.