RoToR Racing

History - Clans and Imps

After his last race with the JRDS, Graham dreamed of staying on in Norfolk and working for Lotus. This never happened as the mechanics at the race school put Graham off the idea. Instead he returned home and joined the Fire Service. After his training was over Graham had saved up enough money for the deposit on a Clan Crusader. At a local party he met members of Lanarkshire Car Club and was soon persuaded to start Navigational rallies. Graham and his navigator, Kenny Allan, did a few events in the Clan before buying a Singer Chamois sport that they used in road rallies before converting it to a stage rally car. The team did as many events in the Scottish Rally Championship in 1976 and 1977 as they could afford. They also discovered the best rally in the world, The Tour of Mull. The love affair with Mull would run for a very long time.

Clan, used for Navigational Rallies (1974)

The Imp on its second tour of Mull (1977)

First corner, first stage 1976.