RoToR Racing

History - FF 1600

At the end of 1977 the fire service went on strike. The strike lasted into 1978. At the end of the strike Graham had 6. Rallying was forgotten. Graham and Kenny Allan decided that they would try and save for a better car. Kenny stopped rallying when he got married and Graham returned to thoughts of racing again. After a year away from competition Graham bought a FF1600 Dulon from Tom Brown. The car was painted yellow and used in the Scottish FF series at Ingliston. Graham was no superstar but loved driving. An old acquaintance from the road rallying days, Tom Donnachie helped out with the mechanical side for Graham. FF1600 was expensive and they were lucky enough to attract backing from Lander Alarms. The pair of them did an amazing 18 races in 1979 at Ingliston,Croft, Aintree and Oulton Park. In 1980 Lander offered more support and the team bought a Hawke DL19. Again the team had a busy season but with Knockhill re-opening, trips down south were undertaken less often. At the end of 1980 Lander became part of the RMC group and a fanciful plan was hatched to move into National FF1600. The deal fell through, Kenny Aichison got the support, so Graham and Tommy raced when money was available. Things got worse when Graham crashed at Knockhill. The parts were to cost 350, a sum that the team did not have, but fate took its course and Jim Kennedy who had helped build the Imps made the parts for 3.50. In 1982 Rotor Racing was formed and they decided to build their own FF1600. It was called a Rotor JT 1. JT stands for Jim and Tommy.

FF 1600 Dulon MP 17 at Croft after Lander sponsorship (1979)

FF 1600 Dulon MP 17 in the paddock, Ingliston(1979)

FF 1600 Dulon MP 17 in the paddock, Ingliston(1979)

FF 1600 Dulon MP 17 Before sponsorship

Ready for the off(1979)

FF 1600 Dulon MP 17 (1979)

Hawke Dl 19 at Croft (1980)

Graham Millar in the Hawke DL19, Ingliston (1980)

Graham Millar in the Hawke DL19 at Ingliston(1980)