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The Golf was in action again and this time it did the business. After the disaster that befell us on the McRae stages it sat on the trailer for 3 months. It had let us down badly, expiring before the first stage and I was not pleased. We changed a few things to try and get it going but it failed to start on numerous occasions. Sometimes it would start, run fine then just cut out. We all had a go at finding the intermittent fault that was causing it but to no avail. It broke my heart, but the chequebook had to come out and it was treated to a new coil, distributor, ignition amplifier and a tested ECU but still it would not start. On the day that I started to clear out the workshop in preparation for the shift to Kirkintilloch it started and has ran ever since. I have put he old parts back on it to try and pinpoint what was wrong but it makes no difference and still runs strongly with old bits or new bits. Very strange!

I decided that after a good test run we would take the plunge and would get it out on the stages again. We decided to enter the Parkhead Building Supplies Stages based at the Royal Highland Society's showground at Ingliston. We did the event last year and it turned out to be an excellent event. This year Alan Maxwell and I had another enjoyable event and Dunfermline Car Club did a great job. It was the first outing for Brian and Gordon who came and helped with the service arrangements, hopefully they enjoyed themselves and I look forward to them helping us again.

The event had 8 stages, 4 different routes used twice. Parts of the old race circuit were in use and I must admit it was a great thrill thundering round the corners that were once familiar territory for me. The car went reasonably well but we do lack "grunt" and intend doing something about it soon. It is far too soft and the gearing is terrible. There are lots of bits coming along that should increase the performance but getting the M3 out on tar is a much better option.

We finished 40th out of 75 starters. Not bad for a 20 year old bog standard car. Our next outing is probably going to be the Scottish although Alan wants to make his debut behind the wheel soon.

Who put that grandstand on the start/finish line?

We finished 40th out of 75 starters