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News - JT 7

There are currently two JT7s, - a blue racing car, and a yellow road car.
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The yellow car, which is complete and running, and the blue car which is waiting for an engine change. It was built using a Ford Scorpio engine, but this engine never produced its full potential, and over the winter it was removed and stripped. The cylinder bores were found to be damaged, and it is believed that this was a common problem with this particular model of engine. A new engine was sourced on ebay, and will be fitted soon, to get the car running again. Then it will be back to the race tracks ... !!

JT7B is on its way.

The Rotor JT7 that was designed in 1995 never had much of a history. Circumstances at the time kept its test and development to the minimum and it has long been my belief that it deserved better. The racecar was thrown together in the autumn of 1999 and raced only once. As a concept I was pleased with what the team had achieved and had big plans for it. Part of the plan was that it would "grow" in stages until it evolved into a mini sports prototype. Sadly this did not happen and it has lain dormant for a number of years gathering dust in my mother's garage. Every time I look at it I think "what a waste". It is still quite close to the mark in small sports car design but the motorbike engined brigade moved the goalposts due to huge investment and publicity that sold cars. Now it appears that the bike engined bubble has burst and the "way to go" is back to what seemed sense 10 years ago. In International circles the NORMA M20 is the car to beat. I have finally found their website (English version) and am delighted to see that the Rotor JT7 is very close in concept and, going by their figures, we are similar in size and weight, which is a good starting point. Between all my other commitments I have come up with some ideas to try and resurrect the JT7 project. As is usual with all Rotor ideas, a shortage of cash will be out-manoeuvred by lots of hard work and the usual dose of innovation . I have decided to give it a go and have been watching the pennies this year and have available a small budget that should see the blue Rotor converted to full bodywork and the engine replaced with a reliable lump.

Fibreglassing has being started, as JT7 is set for a big return to the track!

Graham's plans for the return

Graham starting the fibreglassing process.

Graham proud of his work so far.