RoToR Racing

News - JT 8

The latest creation from Graham's fertile imagination is what he calls a "latter-day Clan Crusader". It will be a mid-engined two seater sports car, built using modern carbon-fibre techniques. The plan is to use it on tarmac rallies & sprints.

Recent workloads have meant that this project has been moving slowly. Changes in the MSA's attitude to specials in motor sport have also caused great concern and various people have suggested it will never be allowed to compete. However the decision was made to go ahead and build a prototype. Instead of investing heavily in the car Graham decided to build it using cheaper methods so that if it were never allowed to run, the loss would be less on the wallet. Typical Rotor thinking, I would suggest. So far a few concept drawings have been done with more technical drawings being produced on CAD. A mould was made and a tub produced. So far things are encouraging so we intend to let things continue.

An idea of the future of Rotor Racing