RoToR Racing

News - Fun Night

It was listed as a "fun night" in the calendar of Monklands Sporting Car Club and so it proved to be. The yellow Rotor which had been in storage for 18 months was checked over and loaded onto the trailer and taken to the Forrestburn hillclimb course in deepest Lanarkshire. I have done the hillclimb a couple of times using the Golf so I know how difficult the hill is. It is very technical and every twist and turn throws up its own problem. My main difficulty with the place is that I still cannot fly over the many crests and blind brows positive in my mind that I know which way the road goes. The three blind brows on the outward section confuse the hell out of me and even after 10 runs I still lack confidence in "what comes next". It is a great course and I take my hat off to those that give it their all. I only managed a few runs because,
A) There was a barbeque
B) There were plenty of interesting folk to talk to.

Both held my attention and I enjoyed the evening very much.

Points of interest were the other "home builts" in attendance. There were a few Locosts there and I have followed the exploits of some of them on the fabulous a site. It was good to see their efforts and to meet the creators. Athoirs, Seabass and Zilspeed were there on the night and it was good to meet them. It was also good to hear that most people who had built a car from the Locost design had grown in confidence and were now attempting to build a car of their own design. I think this is great and recommend it to all. It is hard work, difficult to get right, but very rewarding in the end. My efforts over the years have given me lots of fun. Go for it guys and enjoy it.

Here I am in my creation power under-steering my way up the hill.