RoToR Racing


 RoToR starting to look the part.

Busy workshop.

Here we have a very rare sight, four Clans and one Imp in the workshop at
the same time. Sadly this get together was to show prospective buyers
the cars and to say our last goodbyes. The team have decided that
restoring old cars is not for us. The Clan project was good fun but old
age has caught up with us and we realised it was no longer an attractive
proposition because there are plenty of oldies in the workshop as it
is.Three Clans and the Imp have been sold. We are left with our race
Clan. I was promised by a third party that it too was going but the deal
fell through at the last minute. Perhaps this is an omen and we are
destined to use it but as things stand that seems unlikely.

priority for 2015 is to finish the build of the new Rotor hillclimb car.
Progress recently has been very slow. When we showed the MSA (the
governing body of motorsport ) our plans at the recent Autosport show we
were surprised at their response. It became obvious that innovation was
not to be encouraged and the technical people we spoke with were
quoting rules that did not apply to a car of the sort we are building.
Sadly it appears that if you are in the sport for fun as we are you are
seen as a liability when it comes to trying new ideas. We took all that
they said on board but got the feeling that those the license holders
employ had never played with Lego never mind designed and build a race
car. A very disappointing experience all in.

We also got a shock
recently when our landlord decided that putting our rent up by 25%
seemed a good idea. Sadly it backfired because it made us think and when
we opened our eyes we discovered that we were paying too much for what
we get compared to other Industrial estates. The upshot is that we are
actively looking for another unit with a bit more space to expand into
so other projects that we have in mind can go ahead.

The build of the new chassis is well under way.  We have also done  ( thanks to MAD PUG ) a 3D model for testing using CFD.

Picture Caption

are still lots to do building the model as can be seen but top marks to
Kenneth for doing it. I just hope that all this witchcraft and sorcery