RoToR Racing

Follow the build of our new RoToR JT9 here.

Rough sketch of the Rotor JT9.

Foam block to show bodywork shape.

After a tidy up at the workshop the team started the
build of the chassis for our new hillclimb/sprint car. This project is
gathering speed now that the BMW Compact cup car is up and running. The
plan is to get a car running using a steel spaceframe before changing to
a home built carbon tub. Things have been going well and the team
managed to get the steel tubes assembled. We had previously made a
wooden mock up to check sizes and clearances so were confident that
everything would fit where it should.  Our next move is to get a F.E.A.
(Finite Element Analysis) programme up and running to find out the best
position to fit the diagonal chassis tubes to maximise the chassis
rigidity. After that we hope to get the chassis fully clad with all the
bracketry before final welding takes place. So far things are looking

New chassis for our JT9 hillclimb/sprint car.

3D model that we are building to tests some of the structures.

Front view.